Windy App How To Use

Windy App How To Use – What is Windy Mobile App? How to use Windy App :- Windy app is used to forecast wind, waves and storm. That means we can get weather information through Pawani app. Through Windy App we can see live where the storm is and where it is going to come.


Whether you’re tracking a tropical storm or potential severe weather, planning a trip, or just want to know if it’s going to rain this week, Wind gives you the best weather forecast.


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Windy App How To Use

Windy Mobile App gives us weather related information, so that we know about the weather before the event. In today’s time, because there is no knowledge of when the rains will start, when the storm will come, the scientist created the satellite. The information we send is seen by the app.


Windy Mobile App provides very good weather information, so many people use it. Windy App offers all the features that a weather app should have, through which you can view information about the weather in your area.



Through Windy Mobile App, we can make perfect forecast about weather. Not only when it will rain in our area, when there will be a storm and when the sun will appear, you can also predict more with this. Like when the sun will rise today and what will be the temperature, you can get all these information from here.


How to download Windy mobile app ?

To download from Google Play Store, you first need to open Google Play Store and search by typing the Windy app name in the search bar and download from there.


If you want to download Windy Mobile App from app store, first of all you have to open app store and search by typing windy app name in search box and if you want to download now then you can download by clicking on given link. below.


How to use the WIndy app ?

Now we want to see the wind speed in kt, bft, m/s, km/h, mps, choose any one, so that the wind appears at the same speed.

And the second is the temperature in which we want to see °c/°f, from which we choose one.

Now in this we instruct to turn on location so that we can get information about our city weather. Now after this.

Let’s click on the Done button. After which we see some kind of interface.

In this, now what type of weather we want to know, click on the three lines given below right.

Now we are given information about wind, rain thunder, temperature, clouds, waves, air quality or weather in it.

We click on whatever weather we want to know about, so that we can know about that season.

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