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This Canadian Scholarships App is all you need to get latest information.

Everybody wants to study in Canada. Canada is one of the best places to gain University Education, and one of the best destinations in the world for international students. Canada offers the opportunity to gain qualitative education in a conducive environment, for free.

Canadian scholarships schemes are quite popular throughout the world; they receive a very high number of applications every year.

This Canadian Scholarships App is all you need to get latest information on available scholarships in Canada, either partly or fully funded ones. You also get the information about requirements for each scholarship opportunity, as well as how to apply.

This app offers you the opportunity to change your life by by getting updated with the knowledge and information on reputable institution of learning, without the burden of paying high tuition fees.

Available Scholarships:

This App is open for use by Students or potential students who are looking for Scholarships in Canada. This App provides information for Bachelors Degree Scholarships, Masters Degree Scholarships, PhD (Doctoral) Scholarships, and also Fellowships to some of the most esteemed bodies in Canada. The Application will also alert you about available Free Online Courses.



માઉન્ટ એવરેસ્ટની ટોચ પરથી શુટ કરાયેલો 360 ડીગ્રી વ્યુ વિડીયો

USA Scholarships app offers latest national and international opportunities.

USA Scholarships app allows you to search, find and get information regarding latest scholarship opportunities available for international students for their undergraduate, masters, post-graduate, graduate, PhD degrees in USA universities for free.

અહીંથી વાંચો સમગ્ર રિપોર્ટ


These scholarships are relevant to all levels, subjects, and regions.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Masters Scholarships

Ph.D. Scholarships

Doctoral Scholarships

Postdoc Fellowships

Scholarships for Developed/Developing Countries

Online competitions, Scholarship around the globe including internship opportunities, contests, innovation competitions. Students can apply for scholarships of their choice easily and fast with the choice to save for latter.

Find scholarship programs by field of study or university name.

*Academic Scholarships

*Athletic Scholarships

*Scholarships for Minorities

*Scholarships for Women

*Creative/Unusual Scholarships

*Community Service Scholarships

*Research Scholarships

*Innovation Challenges

*College Scholarships

*National Scholarship

*scholarships for students

*Government Scholarships gov in

*Study abroad

*online scholarship

*U.S Scholarships

*Indian scholarships

*International scholarships etc.

You can also get details of the opportunities like eligibility, requirements, funding, location etc.

USA Scholarships app offers latest national and international opportunities, internships, conferences for you across the world including Central Asia, South and South East Asia, Middle East, Europe, the Americas, Africa, and the Oceanic region!

Curated from quality sources to make sure you get the best. There are thousands of other opportunities which may just transform your life. Give it a shot!


Alerts on Scholarships

Alerts on Donor Organizations

Location of Relevant Canadian Universities as well as what you need to Know

Why You Should Download the App:

Light App will not Use up Much Data

Smooth Intuitive and Easy to Navigate

Eliminates the need of Multiple Apps

Compatible with Your Device

Provides all you need to know about Fully Funded Scholarships as well as Grants in Canada.


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