Top 5 Best Women Safety Apps

Top 5 Best Women Safety Apps : Safety of women is an important question of today because in the last few years the graph of incidents of molestation and crime against women has increased rapidly. In such a situation, it is necessary that whenever women go out of the house, they should keep their security arrangements with them, because they often have to face problems while taking taxis or cabs at night. For the safety of women, these mobile apps can help you. So let’s know which are the apps that women must keep in their mobile.

Various governments and companies and social service organizations have launched mobile apps to promote increasing crimes against women and women’s safety in India.We have discussed some mobile apps designed for women’s safety and their features in this article..


In the present day, criminal cases are being seen with women, in such a situation, it is very important to find measures for their safety. In the twenty-first century, when technology is prevailing everywhere, how can this area remain untouched by it? For the safety of women, various companies and social organizations have launched mobile apps.


With the help of these mobile apps, women can expect help at any moment in times of trouble. Most mobile apps allow you to send messages to the number you enter at the touch of a button. In addition, this mobile app designed for women’s safety includes a number of cutting-edge features. Please share the features of some mobile apps designed for women’s safety:

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Top 5 Best Women Safety Apps

My Safety pin App Download

Women Safety App Download

Shake2Safety – Personal Safety App Download

BSafe – Never Walk Alone App Download

Watch Over Me App Download

Top 5 Best Women Safety Apps

My Safety pin App Download

My Safety pin App Download: The app constantly reviews users’ location from GPS (GPS-Global Positioning System) and provides one-touch alert service to emergency numbers during emergencies as well as nearby safety locations during emergencies. I also tell. The app is available in Hindi, English, and Spanish languages ​​and on Android phones.

Women Safety App Download

Women Safety App Download: The majority of security apps provide emergency number instant messaging services. However, the user of this app can record 45 seconds of voice and send it to the emergency number as a message.

We must prioritize people’s safety because many women must travel alone or work late at night.

In light of this, I created this app to make India a much safer place for women to live, work, and play without fear.


Women Safety App Download Click Here

Shake2Safety – Personal Safety App Download

Shake2Safety – Personal Safety App Download: This is one of the women safety apps which is made to get help in some critical situations. Through this app, SOS messages can be sent to predefined contacts by simply shaking the phone or pressing the power button 4 times. However, the phone shaking option can be activated or deactivated by the users at any time.The app is very useful because it is very simple to send an emergency message when the user is unable to use the phone effectively.


Properties Shaking your phone or repeatedly pressing the power button can send multiple text messages with location information to various emergency contact numbers.

Using sharable media, send a picture of an emergency along with its location to a contact.

putting a four-second audio file on your device.

Realizing your ongoing area by tapping on the button in the upper right corner of the application.

Button for siren.

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Shake2Safety – Personal Safety App Download Click Here

BSafe – Never Walk Alone App Download

BSafe – Never Walk Alone App Download: This app informs the live location of the user (women) to his/her guardian and friends to ensure their safety. User can avail SOS service in distress situations which sends message with GPS location to all emergency contacts.


Charlen and her father created bSafe, one of the world’s most advanced and dependable personal safety apps, following a sexual assault.


exposed in 125 nations, with millions of downloads and more than 10,000 media articles in ABC, CNN, NBC, BBC, Forbes, and other outlets.


“bSafe is a help for wellbeing that anybody can use easily. I see the potential for addressing main problems for youngsters and guardians and anybody searching for answers for increment their security. A service like this is needed by everyone.” – Smith Jada Pinkett


How Its Works?


Voice Control:

Empower the SOS alert by contact or voice regardless of whether your cell is put inside your coat, pocket, or tote. You don’t have to press the SOS button to actuate it.

Streaming Live:

Your guardians will know where you are and be able to follow you when the SOS goes off. Through live streaming, guardians will be able to simultaneously track your location and see and hear everything that is happening.

Automatic Data Capture:

Your phone will begin recording both audio and video automatically when the SOS alarm goes off. The recorded files will be sent to the phone of your guardian.

Phony Call:

Get out of situations that are unpleasant or threatening and call your phone.


આ પણ વાંચો >>> ડિજિટલ માર્કેટિંગ શું છે? ડિજિટલ માર્કેટિંગ કઈ રીતે શીખવું?



Establish your own family and friends’ social and personal security network (guardians). Welcome as numerous as you need.


BSafe – Never Walk Alone App Download Click Here

Watch Over Me App Download

Watch Over Me App Download: Location tracking is the most important link in ensuring the safety of women. Location tracking of the user of this app can be done easily. Selected contacts can know the user’s location using the app and the user can also specify the time for which they are allowed to track their GPS location.

If the user has failed to ‘check in’ at the designated location at the pre-specified time, the app will notify the contacts about the same. Also, during a stressful situation, the user can record everything through the phone’s camera by simply shaking their phone to record everything. It also notifies users when entering an area with a high crime rate.


One of the best tools for recording, displaying, and sharing your footprint must be this app.

You can really look at the impression of the day.

What’s more, you can impart it to your companions!

Use the app to check your travel route, share your location with family members, and as a business tool!

Watch Over Me App Download Click Here

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