The suspension bridge in Morbi broke and the people of Machhu river were trapped.


A major tragedy has occurred in Morbi, Gujarat when a suspension bridge built over the Machhu river collapsed, injuring many people and many people were thrown into the river. According to the information, about 500 people were passing through this bridge and suddenly this bridge collapsed.

The world-class suspension bridge at home in Morbi was closed for repairs for the past seven months and the renovation work of the bridge was completed at a cost of around two crores. After that, the swinging bridge was opened for the public from the day of Nutanvarsha i.e. Besatavarsha, then people from the surrounding rural areas of Morbi flocked to walk on the bridge.

વિડિઓ જોવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

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It is to be mentioned here that a 233 meter long and 4.6 feet wide suspension bridge was constructed on the basis of wood and wire by the Prajavatsal Raja Sir Waghji Thakor on the Machhu river of Morbi during the princely period which was used by the king only to go from the Raj Mahal to the Raj Durbar. But over time the responsibility of this bridge was handed over to Morbi Municipality.

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