StayFree – Screen Time Tracker app

Nowadays the life of children revolves around the smartphone. Whether the child is 4 years old or 14 years old, they are glued to the smartphone. Although children these days do not require any assistance to operate a smartphone, they often do not know about right or wrong, especially at the age when curiosity is highest among humans StayFree – Screen Time Tracker આપ



Google has designed this app for children to use the Internet properly. Google says the app can help your family use the Internet for better purposes.

Whether your kids are young or teenagers, on the Family Link app StayFree you can make some important rules for them to use the Internet, this will help them to learn, play and understand things better through the Internet. You can install this app on your child’s smartphone and access it.

StayFree – Screen Time Tracker & Limit App Usage

StayFree The purpose of this application is that the user can enjoy real life instead of phone. If you are addicted to the phone, then you are ruining not only yourself but also your family life somewhere StayFree It automatically tracks how long you use the smartphone in a day. If you use the phone for more than the stipulated time, then it alerts you StayFree – Screen Time Tracker app

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