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Gujarat Top 5 Water Park: The sweltering heat and scorching heat of the summers have begun. To get relief from the summer heat, people go to the water park to take a bath. There will be many water parks around you as well. But today we will get the information about Gujarat Top 5 Water Park which is the biggest and equipped with many facilities in Gujarat.

There are numerous water parks in Gujarat. But today we will get information about the largest waterpark in Gujarat and equipped with many facilities. In summer, people flock to get relief from the heat. In which we will get information like where are all these waterparks, what are the ticket rates?, what are the facilities there etc.


This water park is located in Surat. And there is a very large waterpark. Which is equipped with many facilities. The essential details of this waterpark are as follows.

  • Address: Ekwamezhika Water Park, Parvat Patiya, Magoj, Surat
  • Contact No:  022 – 69660000
  • Timing: The timing of this water park is from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • Ticket Rate: There are regular ticket rates and various offers and package systems for tickets in this water park. Which you can see on its official website.
  • Facilities: This water park is equipped with modern facilities. In which many facilities like breakfast, dinner, dressing facility, dressing changing room, locker etc. have been provided.
  • Rides: This water park has good rides available to make your visit memorable. In which there are numerous modern rides like Wild Raft, Tribal twist, Rain mist, Pond of Life, Windigo, Twister, Skyslider, King Kobra etc.

Adventure Park

This adventure and water park is located in Himatnagar. And there is a huge adventure park and water park. Which is equipped with many facilities. The essential details of this waterpark are as follows.

  • Address: Tirupati Adventure Park, Vijapur-Himatnagar Road, Derol
  • Contact No:  9978 604288
  • Timing: The timing of this water park is from 12 am to 5 pm.
  • Ticket Rate: The entry fee of this adventure park from Monday to Friday is Rs. is 180. While the water park fee is Rs.300. Adventure park fee on weekends and holidays is Rs. 200 is While the water park fee is Rs. 350 is
  • Facilities: The park is equipped with numerous facilities, activities and rides as it is a water park as well as an adventure park.
  • Rides: There are many rides available in this water park to keep you entertained and make your trip memorable.

Enjoy City Water Park Aanand

This water park can be said to be the biggest water park in Gujarat. This water park is located in The Enjoy City Water Park Anand. The details of this water park are as follows.

  • address; Enjoy City Water Park, Valvod, dt. Borsad, Distt. joy
  • Contact No: 8000 9000 81 / 85
  • Ride: This water park is spread over a vast area of ​​approximately 20 acres. In which there are more than 32 rides.
  • The main rides in this water park are Open Float Slider, Tunnel Float Slider, Zombie Slide, Zoomer Slider, Aqua Slider, Aqua Wave Pool, Kids Water Park, Shell Ride, Pearl Ride, Cobra Ride, Snake Ride, Rain Dance, Lazy. There are many rides like river, roller coaster.
  • Other attractions: This water park has adventure park, flower park, theme park, hotels, river front and many other activities.
  • the ticket; Talking about the ticket of this water park, from Monday to Friday, the ticket price is Rs. 799 while on Sunday Rs. 999 is the ticket. Entry fee is not charged for children below 3 feet height.
  • Most people enjoy the Cobra Ride, and Aquathor Funnel Open Float Slider Ride the most at this water park.
  • Facilities: The Enjoy City Water Park has facilities like locker room, dress costume, accommodation, dining, fast food, breakfast, general medical treatment, security. Taking breakfast or lunch from outside is not allowed here.

Shankus Water Park

This water park can also be considered as one of the big water parks in Gujarat. And this water park is the first choice of people for bathing. Which is very famous. This water park is equipped with modern facilities and innovative rides. This water park is located in Mehsana. People love to go to this water park in summer heat.

  • Location: This water park is located on the Ahmadawa-Mehsana highway.
  • Contact No: 90990 80080
  • Timings: The timings are from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Ticket Rate: Tickets for this water park from Monday to Saturday are Rs. 1225 and on Sundays is Rs.1425. Which includes the charges of entry ticket, GST and other taxes, meals, locker room, cocheum etc.
  • Rides: This water park has many advanced and modern rides. Including Big Thunder, Splash Down, Master Blaster, Insano, Aqua Drag, Tornado, Twister, Bullet Bowl, Body Slide, Tsunami Bay, Boombastic, Space Shot, Kids Complex, Manta and Bubba Tub, Fun Island, Thrill and Chill Creek. Rides included. You and your children will have a lot of fun in these rides.

Ajwa Water Park

This water park is located in Vadodara and this is also a very good and big water park. Which has many modern facilities. This water park is located in Vadodara.

  • Address: This water park is located in Ajwa, Vadodara.
  • Timings: Timings of this water park are from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
  • Ticket: The ticket for this water park is Rs.650.
  • Ride: Talking about the rides in this water park, there are many types like Dark Hole Slide, Space Bowl Slide, Tube Slide, Pendulum Slide, Elephant Slide, Family Slide, Body Slide, Kids Slide to Name Few, Up-Down Slide, Wave Pool. The ride is here.

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Adventure Park

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