PM Vani Yojana 2023

Hello Friends, The Most PM Vani Yojana Antar Gat Get Free Wi-Fi at home, Govt Rs. Financial assistance up to 50,000/- Government of India has launched Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana to provide internet accessibility to all citizens of India, especially in areas where internet speed is not good or where people cannot afford it. The scheme has been launched in all states of the country and provides free WiFi access in many areas.

PM Vani Yojana 2023:

The government wants to launch a program that will provide free WiFi access to individuals in public places across the country frequented by locals and tourists alike. The goal is to enable those living or visiting these areas to browse the internet easily and securely from their devices at no charge.

PM Vani Yojana:


Name of the scheme: PM Vani Yojana


Launch Plan Country: Government of India


Beneficiaries: Citizens of India


Post type: Plan


What is the objective?: Providing Wi-Fi facility in public places


Helpline number: 91-80-25119898 (9 AM to 5 PM)


: 91-11-26598700 (9 AM to 5 PM)


Free Wi-Fi plan:


The Very For successful implementation of PM-WANI scheme, public data centers will be opened across India for which there will be no license fee or registration. Free Wi-Fi Vani scheme will prove to be a historic scheme. The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020.

The Small shopkeepers will also get WiFi service through this scheme. So their income will increase. Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through this scheme.

PM-WANI Yojana Registration:


No license is required to open a Public Data Office under the PM-WANI scheme but registration with the Department of Telecom is mandatory for PDOAs and providers. Registration process should be completed within 7 days of application. In today’s meeting, the Cabinet also approved the provision of submarine optical fiber cable connectivity between the mainland and Lakshya Deep Group.

Where is the objective of Free Wi-Fi Vani Yojana?


The main objective of PM Vani Yojana is to provide Wi-Fi facility in all public places. Through this scheme, now every citizen of the entire country will be able to connect to the Internet. So they will get many facilities. Doing business will also be easy through this scheme. So people’s income will increase and lifestyle will improve.

PM-WANI scheme has been launched by the government keeping in mind the need of internet. Through this scheme, every citizen of the country will be able to take advantage of the internet facility. One of the objectives of the scheme is also to promote Digital India

What is Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana?

This Under this scheme Public Data Office will be established to provide internet facility. Public WiFi network will be provided by Public Data Office. These public data offices will be established across the country. Under the PM Vani Yojana, a third party downloadable application will be developed which users can download and register themselves and then connect to the nearest WiFi network.

Know the benefits and features of PM-WANI scheme:


Wi-Fi facility will be made available in all public places of the country through PM Vani Yojana.

This scheme is also known as Pradhan Mantri WiFi Access Network Initiative.

Wi-Fi facility will be free under PM-WANI scheme.

The scheme will promote business, thereby increasing income and improving living standards.

Employment opportunities will increase through PM Vani Yojana.

Public data centers will be opened across the country for the implementation of this scheme.

There will be no application fee or registration for opening a public data center.

The scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 9th December 2020.

Continuous internet connectivity will be ensured through PM Vani Yojana.

It is mandatory for all providers to register with the Department of Telecom to open a Public Data Office.

Eligibility required in PM Vani scheme

The program will be accessible to citizens of India.

Individuals from other countries can also avail this program.

This scheme is accessible to people of all ages.

To avail the program, it is necessary to have an electronic gadget.

Document in PM Vani Yojana:


The Ownership of an electronic device is a prerequisite for availing program benefits.

Online application can be made in PM Vani Yojana:


We have found through extensive research that no registration is required to benefit from a government scheme that provides access to public WiFi. As the registration system is not maintained by the government, it is unnecessary to register to be a beneficiary. Once the government installs public WiFi at a location, individuals can easily connect to it using their phones or devices without the need for registration.

PM Vani Yojana Helpline Number (Contact):


In this part, we have presented you informative details regarding Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana. We have also highlighted the significant features and benefits that come with the initiative. If you need additional information, it is important to note the helpline number with the scheme. Government has announced its toll free contact number for this purpose: see below.

91-80-25119898 (9 AM to 5 PM)

91-11-26598700 (9 AM to 5 PM)

See how to apply PM Vani Yojana?


To apply for PM Vani Yojana, follow these steps:

This Most Visit the official website of PM Vani Yojana.

Click on ‘Apply Online’ tab.

Fill the required details and submit the application.\

You will receive an Application ID, which you can use to track the status of your application.

Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana is an important initiative by the Government of India to provide free WiFi access to the citizens of India. The scheme aims to bridge the digital divide in the country and promote online businesses, thereby creating employment opportunities. The government’s aim is to make internet accessible to everyone and through this initiative it has taken a significant step towards achieving it.

Pradhan Mantri Vani Yojana Important Link:


to apply: Click here


Official website: Click here

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