Navratri 2022: Aerial View of Thousands of People Doing Garba in Gujarat Wows The Internet


Vadodara: Needless to say, the Navratri fever has gripped the entire nation. People are not missing any opportunity to spread the festive cheer by playing Garba in the most unexpected places. On the occasion of the fifth day of Navratri, devotees in large numbers played Garba in a mela ground in Gujarat’s Vadodara, and the clip will leave you stunned. A video clip captured by ANI shows an aerial view of thousands of people dancing the garba. People are seen moving in sync in a large circle embellished with lights and vibrant colours.Also Read – Viral Video: Crocodile Faces Off Against Python Then Sneakily Attacks. Watch Who Wins

ANI took to Twitter to share the beautiful video. “Gujarat: Devotees in large numbers play Garba in Vadodara Navratri festival VNF on the fifth day of Navratri in Vadodara,” they tweeted. The event took place on September 30. Also Read – Viral Video: Drunk Man Climbs The Stage During BJP Event in Bihar’s Bettiah | Watch


The video has gone viral, and people loved the extravagant celebrations, especially after festivities were dampened for the last two years because of COVID. “India!! It’s a country of celebrations. That’s how the world should view us,” posted a Twitter user. Another wrote, “Loved the drone shot.” A third wrote, “Just the ambience here So pretty.”

This year, Navratri started on September 26 and will conclude on October 5.

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