How many SIM Cards Have on Your Name check now

How many SIM cards have on your name? – Launched from where you can easily check how many mobile numbers are active in your name, which is very important that we all know that at present all SIM cards are linked to Aadhaar card and you all know Aadhaar is such an important document and at this time many frauds are happening, sometimes our mobile gets lost.

And it is not turned off, it is on or from here you can also check that which mobile number is currently running in your name and from there you will also know which SIM card That is, you are not using Mobile Number and from there you can also report it, so if you want to know how much SIM card i.e. Mobile Number is active on your Aadhaar card, then read this post carefully.

How many SIM Cards Have on Your Name

Friends, if you want to know how many mobile numbers are working on your Aadhaar card at this time, then read the steps given below carefully and follow them,

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Step-1: First of all, open Google Chrome browser in mobile or computer or you can use another one, search TAFCOP or click on the first link that comes, then click on the link given below,


Click Here:- TAFCOP


Step-2: After that a new page of this portal will open in front of you, in which you have to type a mobile number which is in your name and after typing it, click on the Request OTP button.


Step-3: After that 6 digit OTP will come on the number given by you, type it there, then click on the Valldate OTP button below and if it is possible that OTP does not come, then click on the option of Resend OTP below the button. Do that then OTP will come on your mobile number.

Step-4: After that, the next page will appear i


n front of you, in which all the numbers running in your name will appear there, however, due to security reason, no mobile number will be visible in full, it will show the first two digits and the last four digits.


After that you recognize all the mobile numbers, if you feel that there is also a number in it which has not been removed by you or the SIM has been lost, then you can report from there, let’s know how to report.


How to report lost SIM or SIM Removed by you?

Step-1: First of all, click on the tick box behind the mobile number on which you want to report, and then there will be three options below that mobile number, first This is not my number, second Not Required Third Required, here if the SIM of your number is not removed by you or you do not know that number, then select the first option This is not my number and if that number is in your name then you have removed it. SIM was there and you do not have that number now, then you select the second Not Required option.


After that you type your correct name in the Name of user box on the right side, here let me tell you that in some states the name of the user is automatically selected, if it comes then it is okay, otherwise type Do that, then click on the Report button below,

Step-2: After doing all this, you will get the report and a reference number will also be issued, you have to write it down or type it somewhere and if you ever want to check the status, then you will have to come to this page. And above all, in the box next to Showing 5 Numbers, type the reference number that you received and click on the Track / Cancel button, after that a pop-up will appear in front of you, in which you will see its status and If your status is in Pending, then you can also cancel that report by clicking on the Cancel button.



Conclusion:- So friends, I hope that you have got the information given in this post in full and you must have also learned how to find out how many sim card have been issued in your name and if you are facing any problem despite reading this post carefully. comment below,


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