Heatstroke: Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Heat Stroke in Summer

Heatstroke: Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Heat Stroke in Summer Summer is here and from the very beginning the heatstroke and heat stroke have started very much, official announcement by weather department about extreme heat and heat stroke in the coming days. has been done, so everyone needs to know what to do to avoid summer heat and heat stroke, what precautions to take as a precautionary measure, and where are the home remedies to recover from heat stroke All information provided by the article in Gujarati. If so then definitely read the article till the end and share it further with the noble intention of benefiting others

Heatstroke : Dos and Don’ts to Avoid Heat Stroke in Summer

What are the symptoms of heat wave?

Before facing any condition, we need to know about the symptoms of that condition, if everyone knows what symptoms arise in the body when a person is exposed, it becomes easier to take precautions as a part of vigilance. Know the symptoms of heatwave (exposed).


Severe headache

Very high body temperature

Excessive thirst, dry mouth, dry throat

Vomiting, nausea, dizziness, black eyes and finally fainting due to dehydration.

Great pain in the legs

Losing Suze

In cases of overexposure, the most severe symptoms may include seizures

What to do when you feel faint

Any person who feels intoxicated and shows any of the symptoms mentioned above should immediately contact the nearest primary health center or any nearby hospital without wasting any time, and arrange for immediate medical attention.

Apart from this, as a home remedy any liquid immediately available including water, fennel syrup, raw mango syrup, rose syrup, grape syrup, coconut water, ORS water, lemon syrup, matla plain water, a solution of one spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt etc… … to give whatever thousand there is. Maximum amount of liquid should be taken so that the body does not lack water

Treatment options for a person affected by heatwave




Any person affected by heatwave/stroke and experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above should perform the following self-treatment measures in case of self-medication and when overexposure causes convulsions or fainting. In case of a person passing away, bystanders should follow the steps below


Move exposed person to a shaded area immediately

Avoid crowding around and keep the person well ventilated

Wipe his whole body with a damp cloth, wash his hands and feet with cold water, pour cold water on his head. Doing so will bring down his body temperature

Ventilate/ventilate victim

Immediately drink any drink available nearby including ORS solution, lemonade, coconut water, fruit juice, plain water etc.

An overdose can be fatal, so contact 108 immediately or take an available vehicle to the nearest hospital.

A person accustomed to AC air is more likely to suffer from heatstroke, so no one should go out in hot climates too much in the afternoon.

Things to keep in mind to protect our body from heat stroke during summer season can reduce severe cases of heat stroke or death

Avoid going out unnecessarily in hot climates

It will be imperative to leave except in the afternoon when there is mandatory work and one has to go out

Always use sunscreen lotion before going out in the sun

During the summer season, sunstroke cases are more likely to occur between 12 noon and 3:00 am, so avoid going out during this time.

While going out, cotton should be worn in such a way that it covers the whole body, besides wearing glasses, hats and boots is necessary.

Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink cold plain water every now and then

Use fresh fruits available according to the current season including watermelon, orange, orange, lemon, grape etc.

Strenuous work should be avoided during hot weather

It is necessary to carry water with you during the journey to maintain the temperature of the water in the body while going abroad

Drinks that absorb water from the body including alcohol, tea-coffee, soft drinks etc. should be avoided in summer season.

Always take a bath with cold water at home

Keep windows and doors open at night to keep the house cool

Avoid heavy and spicy foods as well as high protein foods

Keep eating freshly prepared light food

Keep lemonade, fruit juice, ORS packet, stored at home for immediate use when required.

Do not leave children in cars parked outside the house

Keep pets indoors and provide plenty of water to drink

Keep birdbaths outside the house and fill them with water regularly

Here are some health tips to avoid cases of addiction

Avoid going out at noon in hot weather

Keep wearing white, light-colored, cotton clothes that cover the entire body

Do less laborious work in hot weather with less sweat

Keep boots, hat and full body clothing on while working

Avoid direct sunlight

Keep in a shaded environment

While working, go to a shady place to rest every now and then and drink water every now and then even if you are not thirsty.

Young children, pregnant women, senior citizens and sick persons should take special care in the sun

Drink plenty of lemon sorbet, late buttermilk, coconut water, ORS solution, plain water, etc. periodically.

Do not allow the throat to become dry and very thirsty

As soon as you come home from a hot environment wash your hands and feet, take a bath, immediately drink water without holding your breath, immediately pour cold water on your head Do not do this is a very bad habit, very harmful to health

Allow the body temperature to come down, let the breath subside, then wash the hands and feet, drink matla water Bathing with cold water is beneficial for health.

Keeping the house cool by using fans, coolers in the house, keeping window curtains with cloths and splashing water on the window curtains to cool the house.

Fasting should never be done in summer season

Eat three meals on time, morning-afternoon-evening

Keep drinking buttermilk in regular meals

Keep eating onions in salad with meals

Avoid eating stale food

Avoid eating lari galla or imported food, keep eating fresh home cooked food

Avoid ice balls, cold drinks, tea coffee, alcohol

Avoid eating items made of milk and mava while going to weddings, in summer season milk and items containing milk can lead to food poisoning.

Avoid going out in the afternoon when the official heatwave announcement is issued by the Meteorological Department

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