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Hi friends, find, ring, lock and wipe any lost Android using your device and Find My Device helps you find your lost Android or lock it until you get it backs.


Any See your phone, tablet or watch on the map and If the current location is not available or the last best known location is displayeds.


Use indoor maps to help you find your device in any airport, shopping center or other large building


Navigate your device using most Google Maps by tapping the location of the device and then the time of the Maps icon


Any Play sound at full volumes even when your devices is in silent modes.


Erase your device or lock it with your own time message and contact number on the lock screen


Check network and battery status


See hardware details

Permission notice

• Location: Needed to display any current location of your device on the map


• Contacts: Neededs to access the email address associateds with your Google Accounts


Find My Device is part of Google Play Protects – 2023

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