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Faceapp APK Download – You must have seen in social media, nowadays one type of photo sharing is happening a lot. It is trending to make old face image of any of your photo or any celebrity’s photo, that is, how will it look when it is old, in this way old face image is being shared a lot in social media. By making photos or sharing old photos of many celebrities, sportsperson and Bollywood celebrities.

So in today’s post, I will tell you how we can create old face photo on our mobile, it is very easy to create old face photo on mobile, for this we do not have to do much, just take the help of an Android application. With the help of this, old face photo can be created very easily in a few steps.

You can create such a photo and share it on social media, in which you can create any photo you want to create in old face, whether by taking a photo with the help of a direct camera or you can create an old face photo of any image kept in your gallery.

What is Faceapp?

Faceapp is an app based on Artificial Intelligence (AI based photo editor). It was first available for iPhone, after that it came for Android. This app was launched in 2017. So far it has been installed more than 1 billion times on the Play Store. Its craze is such that Bollywood and Hollywood actors are using it.


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Feature of Faceapp?

The most special thing about Face App is its old age feature. It turns your photo into old age face. And you will not be able to deny whether you are going to look like this in old age or not. FaceApp works on Artificial Intelligence (ai based faceapp). With its help, you can change the photo in the filter given by them and it changes the photo in such a good way that you cannot even imagine.

How secure Faceapp?

Whenever we install an app, we have to give a lot of permissions to that app. You will have to give exactly the same permissions like for your camera, gallery, location, storage. It is right when we are giving permission ourselves, but it is wrong if it takes permission on its own. Something similar is happening in this app!


In fact, according to the news report, allegations are being made on this app that this app is a threat to their privacy. If you give permission to it once and do not give permission after that, then it does not take permission from you while using the app, it directly accesses your gallery.


Faceapp Privacy Policy

Questions are also being raised on the privacy policy of FaceApp. There is something in its privacy policy that you do not even know about and start using this app indiscriminately. Before using this app, you should know that the company of this app can use your photos in other places also without asking you.


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The terms and conditions of FaceApp have come to the notice of breaching the privacy of the users. As soon as its privacy policy was known, the US Senate leader Chuck Sumee talked about banning it, as well as he asked the FBI to investigate this app. They say that this app is a threat to privacy as well as national security.


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How to Download Faceapp?

Search for “Faceapp” in the app store of your phone’s operating system. After that, a program called faceapp will appear in front of you and requires installation. It will prompt you for the necessary information and permissions after installation, which you can grant as needed.


There are two versions of FaceApp. One is faceapp basic version and the other is faceapp pro version. You get 21 filters in the free version of Faceapp. Apart from this, if you take the pro version, then apart from these 21 filters, you get 28 more filters, which are very different and useful. The price of Faceapp pro version is Rs 299 for one month and Rs 1599 for a year.


If you want, you can try its basic version. There are 21 filters in its basic version too, from which you can get an idea of ​​this app. If you like these filters and you want even better filters, then you can think about buying its Pro version.


Faceapp APK Download

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