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BMI Calculator  Calculate BMI:Calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) to get ideal weight, fitness and improved health Achieving and maintaining a healthy BMI has never been easier with

BMI Calculator  Calculate BMI!

Our app offers a comprehensive BMI calculator to help you determine
your ideal weight range based on your height and weight. You can also set your

weight loss or weight gain goals and track your progress over time.

But we don’t just stop at calculating your BMI. We offer a wealth of tips and resources to help you achieve your weight goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for healthy meal plans or expert advice on weight management, our app has got you covered.

Our app features

• BMI calculator to determine your ideal weight range
• Personalized weight goals based on your current BMI
• Progress tracking to help you stay motivated
• Articles and tips on healthy eating and exercise
• Expert advice on weight management and maintaining a healthy BMI
• Track your BMI history and observe changes in your health.




BMpI, or Body Mass Index, is a widely used measurement that helps
determine if a person is at a healthy weight for their height.
BMI is calculated by dividing a person’s weight (in kilograms)
by their height (in meters) squared.

Our apps core focuses are 

• BMI calculator
• Body mass index
• Fitness goals
• Weight loss
• Weight tracker
• Body fat tracker.
• Health and fitness
• Healthy lifestyle
• Diet and nutrition
• Health monitoring

One of the most important features of this app is its ability
to track progress over time. Users can set goals for their BMI and

track their progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The app

also provides visual representations of progress, such as graphs and
charts, which can help users stay motivated and on track.

Specialty of our app includes

• Health coach
• Workout tracker
• Health metrics
• Body measurements
• Created with Plantake UI
• Personalized meal plans
• Exercise routines
• Wellness tracker
• Fitness app
• Health app

The World Health Organization (WHO) and other health organizations
around the world use BMI ranges as a guide to evaluating the risk of
health problems associated with excess body weight.
BMI Diary – Calculate & Track is designed based on the W.H.O BMI

BMI App for both men and women 

• BMI with age calculator
• BMI Calculator men
• BMI Calculator women
• BMI Obese
• BMI Chart
• Fat loss women
• Men’s fat loss
• Fix underweight
• Weight Gain

With the BMI app, users can easily input their height and
weight information and quickly calculate their BMI. The app

also provides helpful tips and resources for maintaining a
healthy BMI, such as recommended daily calorie intake and
exercise routines.

Personalized BMI App 

• BMI App
• BMI Calculator App
• Accurate BMI Calculator
• BMI Tracker
• Weight reducer
• Remove excessive fat
• Obesity Guidelines
• Free BMI App

Download BMI Calculator – Calculate BMI today and start your journey
towards a healthier, happier you!
Designed and developed by Plantake.

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