The couple performed their sacrifice together: a 10 maund mat was set up near the Havan Kund and the couple lay down, the head separated from the torso as soon as the cord was released.

Even today, in the age of science and technology, cases of superstition are constantly increasing. One such incident of superstition has come to light in Vinchiya of Rajkot district. Where the couple has made a 10 maund death platform themselves and Sajod has sacrificed himself, there has been a stir. Not only this, a 2×2 feet Havan Kund was arranged so that after the throat was cut, the Havan Kund would be buried in it. However, the wife’s head was crushed by L into the Havan Kund. When the husband’s head fell a short distance from the Havan Kund, it did not bounce.

The couple ended their lives by sacrificing themselves

This incident of superstition is from Vinchiya taluk of Rajkot district. Hemubhai Bhojabhai Makwana Wali is located on Vinchiya Modhuka Road. Where his own son and daughter-in-law were making Havan Kund for the last two months and performing rituals inside the wall. However, last night after the son and daughter were left at the mother’s house, the couple sacrificed themselves and ended their lives.


How is lotus worship done?

There has been a scandalous incident of offering sacrifices by performing Tantric rituals in a hut built in a field of scorpions. Then, in this whole incident, a platform was prepared like the platform used for the death penalty given by the kings and the British in the old days. In which the husband and wife slept next to the Havan Kund. Either way, a heavy iron-edged and heavy weapon was mounted on two pipes in the platform. A string was then tied to it. The cord was cut or loosed in any way and fell from the height of the roof. In which the heads of the husband and wife were cut off. In which the wife’s head fell into the Havan Kund and the husband’s head fell away from the Havan Kund.

From havan to lotus worship in small huts

A shiv linga was set up in a hut erected in the field where the husband and wife offered oblations in the Havan. He was also felicitated. When Shriphal was kept near Havan Kund. Along side incense sticks were also lit. Not only that, prasad was also kept there. A photo of a deity and a handmade idol of a deity were garlanded with Abilgulal. So, there were flowers, garlands and flowers. When the husband and wife made a weapon like an edged projectile for the dead body prepared in the olden days for sacrifice and tied it with a cord. It is likely to have been cut with the help of an iron saw.

In Kamalpuja, wife’s sheesh was burnt

The husband and wife made a manchdo and made an offering in the Havan. In which the wife’s head was cut off and fell into the Havan Kund. When the husband’s head fell out of the Havan Kund. This whole incident created a stir in Jasdan Vinchiya Panthak.

Also got stamp paper

Two suicide notes have also been found in the case of husband and wife performing lotus pooja in Havan Kund. Both suicide notes were pasted for public viewing. With Rs. 50 stamp paper was also found.


My Ben and Banvi were very religious: cousins

Jentibhai Jantapara, cousin of the deceased Hansaben, said, “My Ben and Banvi were very religious. A temple of Ramapir has also been built at home and the owner has also built a Havan Kund for the last two months. Since last night till this morning, he has decided to sacrifice him and has left his life as a sacrifice. There was no financial or social problem. No one knows what is the reason behind doing this.

The farmer made a Havan Kund of 2X2 feet

He further said that the owner himself had built a 2 feet by 2 feet Havan Kund. A death platform weighing 10 maunds was planned in advance so that the head would fall into the Havan Kund and be cremated. Both were lying side by side and by pulling the rope of the manchada, the heads of both were separated from the torso. In which Hansaben’s head was crushed by falling into the Havan Kund. When Hemubhai’s head fell out of the tank instead of Havan Kund and it was not burnt.


ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


A two-page suicide note was found

When the police were informed about the incident, they reached the spot and found a two-page suicide note. In which it was written that you three brothers should give up and take care like parents and also take care of Ben. Take care of my boys and take care of my girl. You three should take care and get married as brothers. I have full faith in my brother.


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